structural concrete framing

Structural Concrete & Framing Repairs

Cracks in patio surfaces, water pooling in the underground parkade, water staining or leaking down the surface of the foundation walls, scaling, flaking, chipping & water can impose a threat to your building in any number of ways. EPS Westcoast provides concrete repair and waterproofing services to limit or repair the effects that water has on concrete surfaces. Some of which would include repairing cracks in a foundation wall to removing and resurfacing a courtyard patio with protective coating.

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  • Waterproofing of elevator pits

  • Basement or crawlspace water ingress repair

  • Traffic and pedestrian deck coatings

  • Pre-stripping detail areas, joints, interface areas

  • Supply and install membrane

  • Approved applicator for Kryton, Sonneborn, Tufflex

  • Supply and install protection courses, pavers or protective membranes

  • Concrete repair: site preparation, epoxy injection, urethane Injection, cementitious crystalline waterproofing, cementitious grouts, steel repair, concrete re-detailing

  • Concrete forming, placing and finishing for foundations, slab-on-grade foundations, driveways, sidewalks, patios, lightweight concrete toppings, variety of finishes (broom, trowel, exposed, stamped)

  • Brick and block masonry work

  • Design consultation