Our Services

EPS Westcoast Construction Ltd. offers comprehensive building restoration services to commercial and residential clients.

Building Envelope Restoration

A building envelope is made up of the windows, doors, walls, foundation, floor, ceiling and roof and is the barrier between the conditioned indoor environment and the imposing elements of the outdoor environment. Your building envelope should protect you from these external elements such as extreme temperature, moisture, dust and wind.

Deck Restoration, Repair and Resurfacing

In simplistic terms, water has a tendency to penetrate where horizontal and vertical points meet. Therefore, a deck exposed to the elements, would be one of the first areas of concern if your building were to experience water penetration problems.

Rot Removal

Rot found on deck surface and in structural framing presents a safety hazard. Building envelope failure can result in the deterioration and decomposition of exterior building components, becoming wet and unable to dry, resulting in rotten exterior walls.

Structural Concrete & Framing Repairs

Cracks in patio surfaces, water pooling in the underground parkade, water staining or leaking down the surface of the foundation walls, scaling, flaking, chipping & water can impose a threat to your building in any number of ways.

General Building Repair – Exterior & Interior

As part of the ongoing repair and maintenance needs of both commercial and residential buildings, EPS Westcoast provides its repair and replacement services to address several items.

Planned Maintenance Program

Completely customizable, EPS Westcoast offers planned/preventative maintenance programs tailored to meet the long term repair and maintenance requirements of an individual building or strata complex.


Cementitious Crystalline Waterproofing:

Blend of Portland cement, fine treated silica sand and active proprietary chemicals.  When mixed with water and applied as a cementitious coating, the active chemicals cause a catalytic reaction which generates a non-soluble crystalline formation of dendritic fibers within the pores and capillary tracts of concrete.  This process causes concrete to become permanently sealed against the penetration of liquids from any direction.


A moisture-management system incorporating cladding, air cavity, drainage plane, and airtight support wall to offer multiple moisture-shedding pathways. Rain screens diminish the forces attempting to drive moisture into the wall.

Building Envelope:

The building envelope includes all the building components that separate the indoors from the outdoors. Building envelopes include the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows and doors.

Boron Treatment:

Sodium octaborate tetrahydrate, commonly referred to as boron, is a water soluble wood preservative that is absorbed by the wood surface and then penetrates by diffusion. TimBor is highly toxic to wood decay fungi.

Cementitious Grouts:

Are grout based on Portland cement, with graded aggregate and chemical additives which help control the expansion of grout. It is also effect in the preventing shrinkage in grouted areas.