Building Envelope Restoration

A building envelope is made up of the windows, doors, walls, foundation, floor, ceiling and roof and is the barrier between the conditioned indoor environment and the imposing elements of the outdoor environment. Your building envelope should protect you from these external elements such as extreme temperature, moisture, dust and wind.

The building envelope should also be constructed to ensure durability and not allow for these external elements to become trapped within the walls, almost certainly causing decay and deterioration. This is especially true for wood frame construction in a mild, wet climate such as Coastal British Columbia.

Working with engineers, consultants, building owners/managers, strata corporations and property owners, EPS Westcoast is committed to repairing building envelope failures and preventing reoccurrence.


  • Evaluation and report of building exterior, including decks and patios

  • Recommendations and budgets for repairs

  • Quotations provided on engineered specifications

    Work includes:

    • rainscreen systems
    • siding or stucco removal and re-instatement
    • flashing
    • deck membrane removal and replacement
    • caulking
    • waterproof coatings
    • cavity wall construction
    • self adhesive membrane application
  • Rot Removal

  • Replacement of damaged materials with treated materials

  • Boron treatment of existing wood materials

  • Stucco repair including stucco cracks routered and caulked

  • Self adhesive membrane application